Coldwell Banker Rebranded

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Coldwell Banker has launched it's rebrand.

In the past 113 years Coldwell Banker  has certainly shown it's ready for whatever the future holds and part of that process is marketability and attention to trends.  The new rebrand includes a star, specifically the north star that is always there to guide you home.  Personally I am excited about the rebrand and using the initials CB with the north star has a simplicity to it but is still recognizable as a Coldwell Banker brand.  

I like the idea of new signage, business cards, and swag...of course!  As a business professional I am constantly looking for ways to reinvent myself, how to post relevant and real material.  I want my clients, both future and existing to know that I embrace change and innovation.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not for reinventing the wheel, but if real estate professionals are recommending updates to properties like 'new paint, countertops, flooring' we ought to be willing to make some updates and renovations ourselves, especially when it comes to our professional appearance and marketability. I am optimistic that the rebrand will bring in new clients and will let the clients who have appreciated the values and ethics of Coldwell Banker know that we aren't going anywhere, just like the north star we will continue to guide you home.

What are your thoughts on the rebrand?  Do you like the idea of the north star guiding you home?  The simplicity of the new design?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  


Jennifer Hannigan is a fulltime Real Estate Professional and US Air Force Veteran.